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Ohio Marijuana Laws

Ohio Marijuana Laws

The state of Ohio finally improved its marijuana policies in 2016 by passing comprehensive medical marijuana legislation after a slew of unsuccessful attempts. But, leisure cannabis is still unlawful. Find out more about Ohio marijuana rules below.

Recreational Marijuana Laws in Ohio

Is cannabis appropriate in Ohio? No– recreational marijuana is presently unlawful. The little bright spot in Ohio’s cannabis policy is the fact that control of not as much as 100 grms in punishable as a minor misdemeanor and susceptible to merely a $150 fine. In Ohio, small misdemeanors try not to be element of a person’s record that is criminal. Control of greater amounts, nonetheless, continues to be a misdemeanor that is standard felony, which is often penalized by fines of $250 to $20,000, and one month to 8-year prison terms.

Also, in November 2016, voters in four Ohio metropolitan areas — Newark, Bellaire, Logan and Roseville — passed a measure to eradicate all penalties that are criminal remove driver’s license suspensions associated with the control of not as much as 200 grms.